Handmade in the UK, Crystal Fantasy in our vesica design.

A mirror finish, metal motif is suspended between a matching bead run and crystal cascade in Moonlight colourway, incorporating quality Swarovski crystals, and finished with a brilliant clear crystal pendant for maximum rainbow making effects.


Predominant Colour: Spect
Colour Spectrum: Spect
Colour Nickname: Prism
Chakra Colours: Yes
Made in the UK: Yes
Handmade: Yes
Primary Material: Cryst
Secondary Material: Metal
Overall Length: 240mm
Overall Width: 36mm
Overall Depth: 24mm
Motif Height: 36mm
Motif Width: 36mm
Magical Design: Yes
Crystal Pendant Shape: Almon
Crystal Pendant Height: 38mm
Crystal Pendant Width: 12mm
Crystal Pendant Depth: 12mm
Secondary Crystals Shape: Octag
Secondary Crystals Height: 6mm
Secondary Crystals Width: 14mm
Secondary Crystals Depth: 14mm
Wall/Window Fixing: S hook
Chain Length: 85mm
Bead Run: Small
Creates Rainbow Effect: Yes
Symbolism Design: Yes